Frequenty Asked Questions

On-Premise is the traditional licensing model where users acquire license per user / per business entity. After a certain period, the user will undergo support agreement that ensures upgrades and support for questions / issues arised when users begin using the system.

Cloud-based ERP however, is a subscription based model where users pay monthly/annually. Cloud-based Solution allows user to access the system anywhere as data are stored on cloud and not locally - reducing burdens placed on the business.

Yes. We cannot emphasize enough how important your data is to us. Our system has mult-layer firewall and is being backed-up daily to minimize any form of data loss.

We have clients in various industries such as Automotive, Engineering, Food & Beverage, Interior Design, Optical, Retail and more. There are no particular industry that ZETTAPPS is most suited for as our processes are tailored to the different needs of our clientele.

Yes. Solutions in the market typically have their own APIs available for integrating with other software / database. The success or compatibility of the integration all depends on the level of commitment and cooperation the third party software is providing us with.

No. In fact, this is one of Zetta's selling point. We price our system to per business entity unlike other software vendors that charges per users. So fret not, be it 20 or 200 staffs, your business will still be paying the same amount.

Yes. Fret not, data migration will be done by our team of in-house programmers. But first, you would have to provide us your data in an excel spreadsheet. From there, we would be able to migrate your data over.

Pricings are subjected to the orientation and needs of the business. At Zetta Solution, we tailor all our solution to ensure a right fit from head to toe. Drop us an email for our sales team to provide you with a quote.

No. Really. Our level of transaparency with both our pricing and capabilities of our solution has always been loved by our clients. We provide a detailed break-down on what your business is paying for - to ensure that there are no hidden costs.