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ZETTAPPS is a Cloud-based ERP System, also known as Enterprise Resource Planning System - A system that encompasses daily business activities.

Our in-house developed Business Application empowers business users with cutting edge Business Intelligence Applications that automate business workflow which increases efficiency and productivity with less labor.

We lead the way by eliminating complex and bloated applications that are expensive to maintain, often difficult to use which leaves business users confused and frustrated. Our applications and methodology enables our customers to develop a strategic foundational layer of accurate, consistent and shareable corporate data for use internally across organizational divisions, as well as externally with partner organizations.

Business Solution

We design by keeping in mind your business, being able to accomplish 100% of your requirements most of the time.


Custom-built application that is developed for your organization in stage by stage processes, accommodating to your specific preferences and expectations.

Website Design

We make the most of our creativity, allowing the delivery of what you need to reach your target audiences.


Our teams are always ready to hear your needs and problems! Drop us an email or a call and we will schedule an appointment to find out more on your business workflow.


Give us a few days and we'll get back to you with a solution that is fine-tuned to your business needs.


We are ready when you are! Don't worry, our team will take care of things from start to end, just provide us with the necessary information and we will do the rest.

Go Live

The system is ready for you to use! But prior to this, we will provide sufficient staff trainings to ensure that your team is well equipped to rock this system.

About Us

Zetta aims to deliver an intelligent business application that lets you discover insights from the bottom up.

At Zetta Solution, we place data where users can interact, explore, share and combine to create meaningful information and make better business decisions. Our competencies lies within our extensive and in-depth knowledge of on-premise and cloud-based application. This provides us with an exceptional ability to analyse your business requirements.

We strongly believe that business applications should be about business users and the management of diverse organisational environments.

Our team focuses on simplifying business decision making process across organisations. On top of that, we strive to have a single point of accountability as we believe that it is critical to the success of major business initiatives. This will further help customers increase business values and agility, and improve organisational efficiency.


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