Zettapps, we're cloud ready


ZETTAPPS is a in-house developed Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System which empowers business users with cutting edge Business Intelligence Applications that automate business workflow, increasing the efficiency and productivity by cutting down labor. This system encompasses daily business activities, tying them together to define a range of business processes which enables the flow of data between them.

How can ZETTAPPS help you?

ZETTAPPS keeps it simple. No more complex and bloated applications that are expensive to maintain. No more high learning curve to use the application, causing confusion and frustration. Our applications and methodology enables our customers to develop a strategic foundational layer of accurate, consistent and shareable corporate data for use internally across organizational divisions, as well as externally with partner organizations.

Zettapps, we're cloud ready

Business Processes

Customer & Supplier

Manage your customer and supplier in a simple and structured way.

Sales Quotation

Manage your Sales Order, Tax Invoice and more.

Order Entry

Manage your Delivery Order, Tax Invoice and more.

Purchase Order

Manage your Goods Received and Returned Notes with our system.

Inventory Management

Manage your Warehouse Items on a Single Interface.

Finance Management

Manage all your financial reports such as P/L, Balance Sheet and more.



Our software and infrastructures are updated regularly to the latest security patch. On top of that, our state-of-the-art servers are protected by biometric pins and 24-hour surveillance.


As everything is now web-based, there's no need for you or your team to spend time downloading heaps of files into your device. You can now focus on your job - we'll handle the rest.

Data Protection

Your data is of top priority to us. Our team backs-up your data daily to minimise loss and reduce data redundancy. We have never lost any client's data - and certainly not yours.


With ZETTAPPS, you can now access your system anywhere, anytime. With an internet connection, you're ready to check into your system even when you're out on holiday!

Centralised Data

Single database is all you need. With different staffs logging different data simultaneously, a centralised database will prevent duplication and ensure data integrity.

Minimal Maintenance

With everything on cloud, there's physically nothing for you to maintain anymore except your smart devices! No more additional costs for maintenance of physical servers or space anymore.


Unlike traditional softwares that requires you to download and install updates manually, ZETTAPPS updates automatically in the background every time you run it!


Gone are the days of endlessly waiting for a problem to be fixed. We optimise our systems to be in tip-top condition. If there are problems encountered, we are there to help.


No more worrying about unforeseen circumstances. With ZETTAPPS, you can have complete peace of mind. We strive to ensure you are able to focus on only your work, and just work.