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Enterprise Go

Zetta Solution uses cloud-based solutions to help companies simplify their business processes. We caught up with Sophie, Director of Enterprise Go, to ask her what her experience working with the Zetta team was like and how our solution helped her business.


It all started when Sophie was working in a Korean trade board company and interacted with native Korean colleagues, supervisors, and clients frequently. Through numerous dinners and gatherings, she was introduced to the Korean food and beverage culture and fell in love with Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine. Back then, Singapore hadn't yet been hit with the Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) — Korean marts weren't even selling Makgeolli yet. That was what sparked the idea behind Enterprise Go.

Officially founded in 2011, it was no surprise that Enterprise Go's first product was Makgeolli. Their inventory eventually expanded to include other popular Korean beverages such as soju, Korean teas, and more. Today, Enterprise Go's main clientele are local bars, marts, and end-consumers.



Although K-pop was slowly gaining popularity, the Hallyu Wave impact was still minimal in Singapore. This meant that Enterprise Go had almost nothing that they could ride on when it came to pushing their products. They had to educate and bring awareness to a market that had little to no familiarity with these products.

As the Hallyu Wave was slowly but surely creeping into Singapore, demand naturally increased and the Enterprise Go team enjoyed the fruits of their labor as the business started to grow.

Initially, the demand was still at a level that was manageable, which meant that stock count and inventory tracking could be done manually via Excel sheets. When demand picked up in pace, much faster than the team had expected, the team had to look outwards towards adopting more efficient and effective means of keeping track of their business.

While they were able to graduate from using Excel sheets to a management software, it didn't take long for Sophie to notice its limitations. Being an on-premise-based software meant that she was unable to access what she needed while she was out-of-office. It was cumbersome and time-consuming to work around the software, and so, she set out to find a better alternative with more functions that will allow her to have access to her inventory along with the accuracy to track unit of measure (UoM), pricing, and warehousing.


Sophie first heard of Zetta Solution through a connection at a business networking event. Upon finding out that our solutions are PSG-approved, she decided to tap into the grant to give her existing software and processes a much-needed upgrade.

In her words, EnterpriseGo's business operations have shown great improvement in terms of efficiency and they are now able to directly import all orders from Shopee instead of keying them in individually. With Zetta's solution being cloud-based, this allowed Sophie to work from just about anywhere. This was especially useful for her during the lockdown period when the number of employees allowed on-site was limited. She is now able to access her data from virtually anywhere, and her business partner is also able to receive real-time updates on their stock level, ensuring their online stores are always in stock.



According to Sophie, her experience working with Zetta to get onboarded was overall a good one. As our software is customised according to every business's unique needs, there were unavoidable obstacles to work through. However, with consistent trial and error, we were able to get everything up and running smoothly for Enterprise Go.


Zetta Solution is one of the pre-approved PSG Vendors for our Finance, Inventory and Order Processing System. To learn more about how we can support your business, drop us a line!

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