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Hankook Tyre

The Zetta team helps companies simplify their business processes with cloud-based solutions. Recently, we caught up with Robert Oon, Director of Sin Hong Hwa Pte Ltd - official distributor of Hankook Tire in Singapore - to learn more about his experience with Zetta.


As the sole distributor of Korean-manufactured, Hankook Tire, in Singapore, Sin Hong Hwa (SHH) has been in the tyre and battery business since 1977. According to Robert, there are significantly more tyre brands readily available in the Singapore market today as compared to when SHH first started out. To stand out from the crowd, SHH’s unique selling point is that they focus on selling just one brand and that is Hankook Tire’s tyres.

As quoted from Robert, Director of SHH Tyres, "SHH always strives to match the right tyre to the right driver - not the vehicle. This is what sets us apart from industry peers".


Robert added, “Imagine recommending a regular tyre to a fast driver or someone who frequently drives at high speeds. The tyre will surely wear out quicker, and the performance of the vehicle will not be optimal. Moreover, there’s the safety aspect that has to be considered as well. We have always believed that you should get a tyre to match your driving skills and habits, instead of matching one with your vehicle or forcing your driving skills on a tyre that may not be suitable for you.”

You can reach out to the team at SHH Tyres here to find out how they can match the right tire for your needs.


Integrating Zetta’s ERP system into SHH’s daily business operations has helped to enhance their POS systems, Corporate Sales Order & Inventory Management, Accounting & Reporting, and Service Deployment for 24-hour recovery services, all with varying levels of user access rights. “We are now able to accurately keep track of the cost of stocks as all the data is stored in a single place. Reports can be easily generated with a single click, and we have a clear overview of our inventory,” Robert added.

“We are now more equipped to prevent our items from going out of stock as the system’s dashboard prompts the purchasing team to order an item as soon as stock levels are low.” SHH has also found it a lot easier to generate reports, as well as to identify which items are top-selling, ensuring that the popular items remain well-stocked. 

Robert remarked, “One feature I found especially helpful is the system’s ability to retrieve vehicle information accurately from LTA when issuing job sheets and invoices. This is a feature that most software providers do not have which is particularly helpful as it eliminates any potential human error of keying in the wrong vehicle make, mileage, or key information.” 


Throughout the worst of the pandemic, Zetta’s ERP solution stepped up to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on Robert’s business. “Whilst operations were greatly affected, our office staff, such as accountants and the management team, were still able to gain access to critical information as everything is stored on a cloud that is accessible anywhere, anytime with a stable internet connection. Approval on documents was also managed easily with little hiccups and I cannot imagine how it might have been without Zetta’s solution,” says Robert.

“In SHH’s early years, our bookkeeping was manual, and we subsequently moved to a non-cloud-based software. But we soon realized that the software was not as efficient and was quickly becoming out of date. This was when we decided to change to cloud-based software. Although cloud-based systems were not very prominent 10 years ago, our management team decided that it was a necessary step to take before it was too late.”


As SHH was already using cloud-based software, migrating to Zetta was simple and effortless. “Our staff were happy as Zetta was able to tailor the system to suit our needs. For example, certain labels in the system were renamed to automotive industry jargon, making it quicker for our staff to pick up the software.”


Over the last 10 years, SHH has been a happy customer of Zetta Solution. “Zetta’s service played a huge role in making things easier for us and in turn, making our business more efficient. But ultimately, it is also the quality and functionality of the software that Zetta provided that was a game-changer for us,” Robert noted.


“The value-add that Zetta provides includes an easy-to-reach support team and prompt response when our staff requires assistance. If we were to engage a larger corporation with a mainstream solution, it’ll be tough for our staff to receive the type of support and guidance we need on maximizing the software. Zetta's ERP system is really tailored to SHH—allowing our staff to be more productive whilst lowering the learning barrier to using the software.


“We are fortunate to have had loyal customers, some of whom have been in business with us from the start. We’re always striving to provide the best service to our customers, and Zetta Solution has helped make this easier for our business,” says Robert.


Zetta Solution is one of the pre-approved PSG Vendors for our Finance, Inventory and Order Processing System. To learn more about how we can support your business, drop us a line!

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