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At Zetta Solution, we help companies simplify their business processes with cloud-based solutions. Our team recently caught up with Irene Lim, General Manager of Sintex Nylon & Cotton Products, where she shared her Zetta experience with us.


Established in 1970, the name Sintex is a simple yet clever combination of the words 'SINgapore' and 'TEXtile'. Primarily focusing on manufacturing and exporting polyester padding, they also have their standing in the market as a supplier for other production companies — notably retail brands manufacturing winter and athlete attire. While they found success in the export market, they decided to change their business direction into the linen industry, manufacturing bedding products and accessories such as bed sheets, blankets, and duvets to better cater to the Singapore market. In the decades that they have been in business, Sintex has expanded its sole production factory facility from Singapore to Indonesia.

Choosing Fabric
Patterned Fabrics


Sintex has always taken pride in not only producing quality products, but also filling in gaps and not shying away from challenges. They noticed that textile companies were hesitant to manufacture printed nylon products due to inaccuracy in color and imagery. 


This meant that quality had to be compromised to achieve accurate printing. However, being the expert in printing, Sintex decided to take on the challenge to stand out from its competitors. Today, they not only produce quality and long-lasting printed bedding products in vibrant, eye-catching colors, but Sintex also launches new collections frequently to keep their existing customers excited as well as reaching new ones!


Irene and the rest of the Sintex team often found themselves in frustrating situations with different software to keep track of their sales, purchase, inventory, and accounts.


They felt like the work had doubled for them with the need to jump between various ERP systems instead of having everything in one place. As a result, the productivity rate has ebbed.



After hearing of Zetta through a friend who was also seeking a new ERP software, Irene realized that Sintex would be able to leverage on the PSG Grant to improve productivity through Zetta’s solutions.


Before using Zetta, Sintex was using a DOS version software in which their Accounting and Inventory systems were two standalone software, making it tedious for the Sintex team to coordinate their entries. Zetta provided them with a solution which Irene describes as a "3-in-1 formula." This formula enables her team to store, view, and manage all data relating to sales, purchases, inventory, and accounts through a single ERP system.


By replacing their current ERP systems with Zetta's Sales, Purchase, and Inventory Module, the Sintex team saw a tremendous improvement in their stock count and tracking, which prevented instances of shortages, and increased visibility to track any damaged or lost goods. Sintex also no longer felt the need to source for third-party vendors to effectively track corporate and retail sales. Zetta's Consignment modules also meant that they can have greater control over consignments.


The Sintex team described their experience working with us as enjoyable because we provide swift responses and more importantly, our team is based in Singapore. This reduces any possibility of language barriers, and any assistance required can be addressed immediately with minimal downtime.


All these positive experiences have boosted their confidence in Zetta and they have also been putting in a good word or two for us with their fellow industry peers, which we are very grateful for.


Zetta Solution is one of the pre-approved PSG Vendors for our Finance, Inventory and Order Processing System. To learn more about how we can support your business, drop us a line!

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