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Yumi Active

At Zetta Solution, we focus on simplifying business processes with cloud-based solutions. The Zetta team recently caught up with Diana Chang, Founder, and Director of trendy activewear brand, Yumi Active, who shared her Zetta experience with us


Picking up yoga for health reasons in 2012, Diana fell in love with it, and was inspired to start an activewear business that would motivate women to embrace a more positive and active lifestyle through apparel and accessories. You can check out Yumi Active products here.

Yoga Pose


When she first started her business, Diana didn't have much experience in the fashion and fabric industry. Because Yumi Active produces clothes from scratch, it took her a lot of time to source the right materials and designers, and research and development took more than a year.


“I was insistent on having fabrics that are unique and breathable, yet comfortable and appealing for fitness activities. I also wanted a strong identity and character for my brand, which is why most of our pieces feature Asian-influenced designs.”


When she first started out, Diana was managing her inventory using an Excel sheet together with a Vend POS System at her retail outlet. As the business began to grow, she began having to consign goods to retail hotspots like Takashimaya and Design Orchard. Very quickly, it became tough and tedious to track the movement of her goods.


“I was unable to keep track of exactly how many goods went missing or got damaged in the process, and this affected the accuracy of my finance reports. Moreover, when customers called in to enquire on a particular item, my team was unable to provide a confident answer as to which outlet had stocked the design and size of the apparel they were looking for. This turned many customers away.”


Feeling frustrated, Diana took to Google to learn more about the PSG Grant for SMEs in Singapore. She then shortlisted a few companies who offered inventory management solutions and proceeded to meet with each vendor to learn more.


“What caught my eye throughout the whole process of shortlisting vendors, was Zetta’s clean, modern, and straightforward user interface. There was another company that showed me their system which I felt was messy and complex. The idea was to make things easier and not more difficult, so Zetta’s solution was without a doubt, a winner.”


Diana also chose Zetta for its production and consignment module which allows her to keep track of the quantity and cost of raw materials being used, and the quantity of finished products that are ready for storage and distribution.


The Stock Check function was a game-changer for us as it helped us answer enquiries about apparel stock location and quantity more confidently and quickly. I especially love how we can now track when stock is running low and then replenish them accordingly.”


Yumi Active lists their apparel on platforms such as Zalora and Lazada, and are now confident in fulfilling orders on these platforms with a proper inventory management system in place. Previously, due to miscounting of stock, they were unable to fulfill orders and had to bear monetary penalties. With ZETTAPPS’s Consignment Module, the company now has an accurate record of stock movement throughout consigned outlets, and clearer visibility on the number of damaged or missing goods.


“I Love working with Zetta! I appreciate the quick response the Zetta team provides us and how you take time to properly understand our worries and concerns before responding.”


Diana enjoys the flexibility that the system brings to Yumi Active, and how it is tailored to her business. “This beats having to spend money on a system that is rigid and requires some work-around. With ZETTAPPS, we got exactly what we needed, and knowing that the Zetta team is based locally puts my mind at ease as I don't have to deal with outsourced support services and any bugs or errors discovered don’t take long to fix. I made the right choice and I look forward to scaling my business with Zetta!”


Zetta Solution is one of the pre-approved PSG Vendors for our Finance, Inventory and Order Processing System. To learn more about how we can support your business, drop us a line!

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