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Better Data Driven Business (BDDB)

The BDDB tool aims to support SMEs to make use of data to generate insights and apply strategies to remain competitive in the digital economy. Find out how you can use BDDB with ZETTAPPs.

What is BDDB ?

The Better Data Driven Business (BDDB) tool is introduced by IMDA aims to help SMEs gain deeper consumer insights and scale up their businesses through the responsible use of data.

BDDB is free for anyone to use! Users who are onboard of ZETTAPPS can extract data from the system and make use of this BI Tool to analyze.

Designed with built-in data protection practices, the BI tool is based on data protection exceptions under the PDPA, so fret not!

With BDDB, users onboard of ZETTAPPS can transform raw data into 2 different reports:

  • Grow Product Sales

  • Lower Inventory Costs

Benefits of BDDB for ZETTAPPs

Only specific ZETTAPPs version is compatible with the BDDB Tool.

Reach out to us today to find out if your version is compatible and how BDDB can help your business grow.

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Grow Product Sales

Increase your revenue by boosting your sales. Find out key information such as your business's Top Selling Products, Popular Product Combinations, Product Sales Pattern and more.

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Lower Inventory Costs

Improve demand and supply matching with key information such as which product category generates the highest profit and your business's inventory turnover pattern.

Watch How BDDB Help Businesses Grow

With BDDB, data analytics is no longer out of reach for SMEs. Watch this video to find out how using business intelligence tools to analyse data can help your business stay competitive and grow.

Important Resources

Here is a comphrehensive list of resources that you will find helpful if you are interested in BDDB.

  • Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop to begin using the Business Intelligence (BI) Tool.

  • Find an Interactive Guide curated by IMDA to guide you on how to use the BI Tool.

  • For users onboard of ZETTAPPS, here's a Guide on how you can extract your data for Power BI.

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