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Client Success Story

Client Success Stories

Discover firsthand stories from our valued customers about their transformative journeys with Zetta and how ZETTAPPs has significantly enhanced their business operations and success. Learn why they trust us to elevate their business to the next level.

Poli Medical Company

As one of Singapore's pharmaceutical manufacturer with HSA-certified GMP facility, read on to find out how

Poli Medical manages their production and inventories with Zetta.

Yumi Active

A local start-up brand that features activewear inspired by Singapore's national flower, find out how Yumi Active excelled with Zetta's inventory and POS software.

Stack of Tires

SHH Tyres

A leading partner in the automotive industry since 1977, find out how we help autmotive businesses like SHH Tyres to grow and keep track of their warehousing accurately.

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