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We are proud to share that our solution ZETTAPPS, is Peppol Ready and that we are an official AP Provider in Singapore as well.

Read on to find out more.

WHAT IS Peppol - InvoiceNow?

As of January 2019, IMDA has implemented the nationwide E-Invoicing (InvoiceNow) network using PEPPOL.

InvoiceNow refers to the automated creation, exchange, and processing of requests for payment between suppliers and buyers through a structured digital format that is globally recognized. 

Aside from Peppol's E-Invoicing feature, Zetta is also an AP Provider

Being an AP Provider allows other businesses who are interested to join the Peppol Community to tap onto our AP to access. 

By using InvoiceNow, your business will see an increase in payment and business efficiency, reduction in costs and gain access to new financial options.

Peppol is changing the way the world trades.

For more information on Zetta's AP Service Fees, please reach out to us!


Many confuse InvoiceNow with Emailing PDF, OCR or just sending a soft-copy per se. While those methods are done electronically, it does not allow the senders' ability to reap the benefits of what a digital transmission in structured form can provide. 

So how exactly does InvoiceNow work?

1. Companies (Your Business) send their E-Invoices to an AP Provider (Zetta Solution).

2. Zetta's AP will then send the document to your customer's AP Provider.

3. Your customer will then receive the E-Invoice you sent.

For a more detailed breakdown, click on this link.

To understand how you can send E-Invoices to a Government Agency, download our guide here.

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A Nationwide E-Invoicing Initiative. Courtesy of IMDA.

Introduction to Peppol E-Invoicing with Zetta Solution

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