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Peppol xChange Gateway (PxG)

A seamless, low-cost solution for service providers and businesses to onboard onto InvoiceNow with minimal intervention.
Read on to understand how PxG's benefits and how it works.

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PxG Logo-White.png

Introducing PxG

Peppol xChange Gateway - also known as PxG, is the first solution in the market developed by

Ninja Coding House to help fellow solution providers hop onboard the InvoiceNow network and meet IMDA's requirements with ease. Zetta Solution is proud to be an official reseller of PxG.

In it's name, PxG is a gateway to allow solution providers to send their data into the gateway to reach the network. 

With PxG, businesses can save up to 60% of their time analyzing and implementing all the requirements stated by IMDA. PxG simplifies and breaks down what is needed for businesses to focus on and also covers any future enhancements/ updates. 

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How It Works

Accredited as the Best Innovation Solution in 2023 by IMDA, see how PxG works in the video below.

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Schedule a Demo

Curious about how PxG can integrate with your solution?
Contact us today to schedule a demo session.

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