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About Zetta

Hear our story and how we are dedicated to helping your business grow and thrive seamlessly.


Established in 2012, Zetta Solution was founded on the belief of helping SMEs in Singapore move to cloud seamlessly. 

At Zetta Solution, we place data where users can interact, explore, share and combine to create meaningful information and make informed business decisions. Our competencies lie within our extensive and in-depth knowledge of on-premise and cloud-based applications. This provides us with an exceptional ability to analyze your business requirements.

Today, we're proud to be helping hundreds of businesses in Singapore to transform the way they manage their businesses.


At Zetta Solution, we focus on simplifying business making decisions. We strive to have a single point of accountability - a point that is critical to the success of major business initiatives. 

Our approach is simple. We're always here to listen to your business pain points and identify solutions for you. With the flexibility of our application, we're confident in delivering a tailored solution for you and your business.


Best Creativity Award 2023 (awarded by IMDA Singapore)

Best Innovation Award 2022 (awarded by IMDA Singapore)

With ZETTAPPS, we were able to enhance the quality of the order-processing process, cut operational costs, decrease turnaround time and reduce customer to customer care interactions significantly.

Director, Hankook Singapore

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