Find out more about how our in-house developed application, ZETTAPPS, can help enhance your business productivity and lower human-error.


At its core, ZETTAPPS, a shorter term for Zetta Application is an Inventory & Sales Management System.

ZETTAPPS encompasses key business processes such as financial management, inventory/warehousing management as well as order processing.

Together with PEPPOL's E-Invoicing capabilities, your business will see an increase in payment and business efficiency, reduction in costs and gain access to new financial options.

For more information on IMDA and PEPPOL, click on this link.


Many confuse E-Invoicing with Emailing PDF, OCR or just sending a soft-copy per se. While those methods are done electronically, it does not allow the senders' ability to reap the benefits of what a digital transmission in structured form can provide. 

So how exactly does PEPPOL E-Invoicing work?

1. Companies (Your Business) send their E-Invoices to an AP Provider (Zetta Solution).

2. Zetta's AP will then send the document to your customer's AP Provider.

3. Your customer will then receive the E-Invoice you sent.

For a more detailed breakdown, click on this link.