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Grants Available

Also known as the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Enterprise Singapore introduced this financial assistance for all local SMEs in hopes of helping to kick-start your business's technology journey.


Introduced in 2018, PSG was introduced to help local SMEs fund their technology journey as Singapore continues its advances into a digital world. 

PSG covers sector-specific solutions that range from retail to logistics and many more. PSG provides up to 50% funding support for all local SMEs. However, this grant is only applicable to solutions that are provided by Pre-Approved Vendors from IMDA.


Zetta Solution is proud to be a pre-approved vendor for our Inventory & Sales Management System.


The first criteria is to look for a pre-approved vendor providing a suitable technological solution for your business. The next step is to check your business's eligibility. 

SMEs can apply for PSG if they meet the following criteria:

  • Registered and operating in Singapore

  • Purchase/lease/subscription of the IT solutions or equipment must be used in Singapore

  • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding (for selected solutions only)



Interested? Drop us a call at 6334 1013 to find out more.

For more information on PSG, click on this link.

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